Project details

Technical achievment for Organika Sarzyna

CustomerOrganika Sarzyna
LocationNowa Sarzyna, Poland
Project executed on2012
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Measurements600-1800mm DN
MediumNaOH, KOH acid, MCA, HCl, NaOCl, Process water, Brine wastewater, chloroacetic Acid, MCPA-DMA, Gas with NaOH, H2O
MaterialPE-100, D411 / P104, D470, ECTFE, Derakane 411

Project description

The apparatus made of composite and fluoric materials in the innovative system of pesticide production in Organika-Sarzyna Chemical Plant. Plasticon Poland manufactured and delivered 35 tanks of various diameters and sizes.

With this project Plasticon Poland won the first prize during the Poznań International Fair, in the competition of '“The Best Technical Achievement of Poland 2012”,