Project details

Turn-key supply at caustic soda and ethylene dichloride plant

CustomerDaelim Industrial Co., Ltd
LocationJubail, Saudi Arabia
Project executed on2013
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification

Project description

In March 2013, Plasticon Composites completed the SAMAPCO project at the CA/EDC plant in Al-Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Daelim Industrial Ltd., Korean EPC, was awarded the contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of the plant. The plant’s capacity is 245 KTA caustic soda and 300 KTA ethylene dichloride. In recent decades, Daelim Industrial has operated in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait as EPC contractor for the construction of chemical and power plants.

Daelim Industrial designated Plasticon Composites as the turnkey supplier for the total GRP scope consisting of the supply and installation of piping systems, process equipment and storage tanks, including pipe stress and detailed design (spool engineering).

 The project started in August 2010. Tanks were engineered according to the AD-N1 design code and the pipes and 7,500 spools comply with UHDE standard. This standard is partially based on the DIN.  All products made in Plasticon Composites European workshops were supplied to the site between Q2 2011 and Q1 2013 (which was fully under construction) during summer 2011. The installation of 6,500 on-site connections started in March 2012, when temperatures rose to 50 degrees Celsius on site. During this peak period, about 30 Plasticon Composites employees were actively working at the plant, supervised by a Plasticon Quality manager and Site supervisor. The Plasticon Composites team consisted of DVS certified welders and laminators from our flex force in Europe. 

This project was a huge achievement for Plasticon Composites, being one of the largest projects executed in the company’s history.

Samapco is a 50:50 joint venture between Sahara Petrochemicals and the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden).