Project details

Produquimica Industria e Comercio S.A.

LocationSao Paolo
Project executed on2012
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
MeasurementsFrom DN 600 to DN 3000
MediumChlorine, HCl and H2SO4
MaterialFull GRP, PVC/GRP and PP/GRP
TemperatureUp 80 degrees Celsius

Project description

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the delivery of  seven process tanks for skid mounted Chlor Alkali plant in Brazil, containing Anolyte Acidification Pot , Dechlorinated Brine Tank, Wet Chlorine Mist Eliminator , Chlorine Absorption Tower, Chlorine Absorption Circulation Tank, Waste Hypo Tank.

This skid mounted Chlor Alkaliplant is a new designed product of Uhdenora,.