Project details

BASF, WAVIN Belgium, piping systems

Project executed on2009
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
PressurePN 6
Measurementsdia 800 mm en 1200 mm
Temperature< 50°C

Project description

Combinant (Combined Terminal Antwerp) is an open access rail terminal for intermodal transportation, located in the port of Antwerp. Combinant was founded as a joint venture between BASF, Hupac and IFB with the support of Europe and Flemish Government. Combinant helps lowering the environmental impact by replacing a portion of road transportation with rail transportation. The majority of the site surface is paved to achieve a good logistic flow. Vast amounts of water need to be disposed properly due to this large surface of paved ground. The need for a drainage system for rainwater arose where a complete piping system and manholes were requested around the entire area.

The collected water was to be discharged to the main drain pipe by usage of an existing infrastructure. This was built in HDPE extrusion tube diameter 800 mm and profile barrel diameter 1200 mm to provide sufficient capacity to offer. In addition to the low purchase costs for materials, offers working with HDPE pipes also benefits from the installation. Due to the low weight, the shapes of the pipes are easy to be changed without using heavy equipment.