Project details

Gas Ducts Waste incineration plant, GAVI Wijster

CustomerLurgi Germany GmbH
Project executed on1995
Market segmentWaste incineration
Technical specification
Pressure-50 - + 50 mbar
MeasurementsDiameter of 2200 mm and rectangular sizes
MediumVent gas
MaterialPalatal A430 and 440
TemperatureMax 90 degrees

Project description

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the design, engineering, production and assembling of large diameter gas ducts for Lurgi German GmbH (EPC Contractor).

The duct system consist out of three lines and will be used for the transport of clean vent gas from the scrubbers to the stack. This clean vent gas is very corrosive due to the high content of moisture in combination of traces of HCl and SO2.

The waste incineration plant for compost is located in Wijster, the Netherlands.