Project details

Xstrata, FEP duct DN1000

Project executed on2010
Market segmentMetals & Mining
Technical specification
Pressure-0.2 bar (vacuum)
MeasurementsDN 1000, length: 180 m.
MaterialVinylester with inner liner of Symalit FEP 1000 GGS
Temperature85°C/ 158 F

Project description


The engineering and supply of an off-gas pipe of a sulphuric acid production plant, associated to copper and nickel mining. Roasting of sulphuric ores, combustion of elemental sulphur and thermal decomposition processes lead to off-gases containing sulphuric acid droplets. These off-gases are transported, in this case in a stream of nitrogen gas.

The piping system had to be chemically resistant against sulphuric acid (H2SO4) droplets of concentrations up to 97% and temperatures reaching up to 85°C/158 F. A flange-less piping solution minimizes potential leakage sites and maintenance costs. A light weight construction was advantageous for the handling of the large pipe diameter. The pressure in the pipe is  -0.2 bar (vacuum), gas volume 35,000Nm3/h.

The advantaged and reasons why we choose Symalit FEP 1000 GGS:

  • Chemical resistant against high concentrations of sulphuric acid and other media up to high temperatures
  • Outstandingly high bond strengths
  • Excellent thermoforming and welding properties for the tailor-made and flange-less solutions
  • Non-brittle, mechanically soft lining material, insensitive against temperature changes, transport and fabrication in low temperature environments