Project details

Column with a PFA Fixpoint Lining (Double Wall)

Project executed on2009
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure6 barg
MeasurementsDN 2,600 mm height 12 meter
MaterialPFA Fixpoint Lining (Double Wall)
Temperature0 - 120°C

Project description

One  important industry for Plasticon Composites is the chemical processing industry. Plasticon Composites understands the needs of this market segment when it comes to choosing the right process equipment. Due to complex processes where abrasive and aggressive fluids and gasses are part of, this market needs quality equipment that lasts long and can be trusted.

Plasticon Composites increased his portfolio with a new design of his fix point lining products. A stainless steel column has been lined with a double wall fixpoint lining system to constantly control the lining system.

Due to extreme circumstances and high safety measurements the customer asked Plasticon Composites to design a lining system that couldn’t fail during production. For this reason Plasticon Composites introduced a double wall lining system. The double wall is constantly checked by a small under pressure and conductive warning system, that detects already one drop of liquid.