Project details

Corrosion protection of heat exchanger housing

CustomerPowerplant Voima; via Babcock Borsig Service (Heat exchanger supplier)
LocationJyväskylän, Finland
Project executed on2009
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure150 mbar
MediumFlue Gas
MaterialPFA Plastlite Lining
TemperatureMax 250 °C

Project description

Plasticon Composites understands the needs of power and refinery plants, when it comes to choosing the right process equipment. These market segments cope with extreme corrosive conditions at temperatures up to 250 celcius, for example, burining heavy waste oils.

Plasticon Composites executed an interesting project in 2009 in Finland. Plasticon Composites installed their newly developed fix point lining system in a new heat exchanger housing of Babcock Borsig Service. The PFA lining is the protection layer against the sulphuric acid (green dead) that arises by cooling down the flue gasses from the boiler.

The fix point lining has is installed by using fusion welding, so there are no connection point and the lining system can withstand an under pressure of 250 mbar.