Project details

Eggborough 2 stack liners

CustomerBrittish Energy
LocationEggborough, UK
Project executed on2001
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure< 100 mbar
MeasurementsDiameter: 19.3 ft, Height: 590 ft
MediumDry flue gas
TemperatureHigh design temperature of 302 ° F

Project description

British Energy installed a flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system at its existing power plant in Eggborough and realized that the existing brick liner would not be able to withstand the chemical attack and temperature increase. For the first time in the UK, a fibreglass liner was selected as the material of choice.

The liner sections were produced in Plasticon’s production facility in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

This location is located at an inland waterway allowing easy transportation to the sea harbor. In Eggborough, the liner sections were joint together in the stack.

The liners were made out of vinyl ester resin, derakane  470 which has a high chemical resistance and is extremely good resistant against the flue gasses, it doesn’t matter if they are dry or wet.

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the installation of the chimney liner and finished the installation job in only 8 weeks.