Project details

GRE risers for fire-fighting installations

CustomerConfidential (pump manufacturer)
LocationOffshore platforms
Project executed on2003
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure11 to 16 bar
MeasurementsDN 200 or 250 mm
MaterialGRE (Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Resin)
Temperature< 100 °C

Project description

The department High Performance Composite Parts of Plasticon Composites developed the production of GRE (Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Resin) risers for fire fighting pipe networks.

The risers are designed to pump seawater to feed the fire-fighting system of offshore platforms. 

A composite solution was chosen as metal risers were destroyed by corrosion at the interface air / water (warm sea water).The pump is located at the lower end, the drive motor in the upper part. A shaft, guided in stages located at the junction of the columns, drives the pump.