Project details

Scrubbers for waste incineration plant

LocationBotlek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Project executed on1992
Market segmentWaste incineration
Technical specification
PressureDesign: +0,027 / -0,1 barg Operating: -0,04 barg
MeasurementsDN: 5,0 meter, height: 11,5 meter
MediumVapour with acid and alkaline parts
TemperatureDesign: 80˚C Operating 53-69˚C

Project description

Plasticon Composites did the complete engineering and supply of in total 12 scrubbers for the waste incineration plant of Afval Verbranding Rijnmond (AVR). The scrubbers are used for removal of acid and alkaline parts out of the vapours during the burning process. Processing design was done by AE&E, the mechanical design by Plasticon Composites.

Plasticon Composites also delivered GRP chimneys, storage tanks and GRP covers for the plant in Rotterdam and installed the PP/GRP and GRP piping.