Project details

Transportation vessel for Chemicals

Project executed on2009
Market segmentTechnology & Electronics
Technical specification
Pressure+2 barg (operation)
MeasurementsMeasurements D=1700mm
MediumHNO3 40% / HF 7-20%
MaterialFEP GGS 2.3 mm sheet lining

Project description

In 2009, Plasticon Composites executed a challenging project by supplying transportation vessels for  extremely corrosive fluids. The German company Feldbinder, specialized and leading in manufacturing transportation containers, wagons and trailers.

As a leading company in supplying chemical resistant storage solutions Plasticon Composites became responsible for the design, engineering, supply and installation of the transportation vessels. Due to the medium, Plasticon Composites chose for a fluoropolymer inner liner of FEP to ensure the durability of the products.

 The tank exist out of a two chamber system (D=1700mm), 1st chamber: 7500 liter and 2nd chamber: 13000 liter.

The tanks have been certified according to the rules of road transport in Europe.