Project details

FRP dump container

CustomerVan Ganzewinkel
LocationThe Netherlands
Project executed on2012
Market segmentWater & Wastewater
Technical specification
MeasurementsWidth:2,200 mm Length:6,000 mm
MediumSludge waste
MaterialVinyl ester resin

Project description

Technical specification:     Full FRP dump container

Polem, part of the Plasticon Composites group, designed and produced a plastic dump container for the transportation of sludge wastes from the sewage treatment plants in the Netherlands for a pilot, which will run for three months. When the pilot goes well, the client will order another six dump containers and 50 bulk containers from Polem.

Normally, the sludge waste is removed by tippers and containers of steel. Due to the environmental impact of the smell it was decided to start odor loading. At first another company developed a solution by placing a special construction on the containers, results were that the containers became more heavy, the effect is that less sludge is to be held at a time. So this alternative would mean an investment in the new construction and higher costs of transportation. Another disadvantage of the conventional material is that the sludge of sewage treatment plants sticks to the wall, more than other sorts of sludge. In current containers often lingers several tons.

By choosing plastics following advantages are applicable:

1) Weight, the container is lighter so the loss of load is compensated by the additional devices.

2) The smooth round corners and the plastic wall must ensure that no sludge in the container sticks.

3) Economical advantages.