Project details

Stacks IOS II / Kozienice

CustomerIOS II
Project executed on2005
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure+/- 400 Pa
MeasurementsDiameter: 10.100 mm High of Stack: 83,9 m Outlet of stack : 120 m
MediumFlue gas
MaterialGRP CBL 2,5 mm, Derakane Momentum 411-350
TemperatureDesign Temperature: + 80° C

Project description

In 2005 the production of a coal-fired power plant in Poland was realized. Part of the power generating process was the Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) process, where the SO2 was cleaned from the gasses. Plasticon Composites was responsible for the design, engineering and supply of the stack, which was made of full GRP material having a Chemical Barrier Layer of 2,5 mm thickness on the inside. The FRP stacks were manufactered on site with the Plasticon Composites On Site Winding Machine, vertical winding.

The difficulty of the design of this stack was it big diameter (> 10 meter) and installation on top of the absorber. This installation was completed organized by our excellent team of Plasticon Poland.