Project details

Boiler Feed Water Tanks

CustomerJacobs Engineering
LocationHull, United Kingdom
Project executed on2010
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure10 mbarg
Measurements4 m Ø 8,250 mm High
MaterialGRP – Derakane 411
Temperature-20 to +55ºC (Maximum)

Project description

Plasticon UK manufactured the tanks in 2 sections at our Beverley factory.  Due to the size of the tanks a factory facility was hired for the final assembly and fitting of the steelwork at the facility on Teeside.  Polish labour was utilised alongside Plasticon UK personnel for final assembly at the warehouse in Teeside prior to delivery to site.

The initial enquiry was via Jacobs Engineering with the end customer being British Energy. This was a Steam Supply Improvements project which included the Boiler Feed Water Tanks, the tanks supply an emergency water supply when required to the Nuclear Power Stations.

The challenge for Plasticon was due to the fact that the tanks needed to be seismically qualified and subjected to a 10,000 year wind gust load case, this was due to the location being Nuclear Power Stations in the UK.