Project details

Extension of lifetime of the waste-to-energy plant of Ivry-sur-Seine

CustomerLAB for Syctom ( waste management syndicate for Paris)
LocationIvry sur Seine, Paris (F-94)
Project executed on2010
Market segmentWaste incineration
Technical specification
Pressure700 daPa (design 900 daPa)
MeasurementsØ 5000, height: 14 meter Ø 2400, length: 27 meter
MediumGas and liquids
MaterialPP/GRP and PP
Temperature60 to 65°C (design 80°C)

Project description

Plasticon Composites and LAB answered the public tender for the extension of the lifetime of the waste-to-energy plant of Ivry-sur-Seine (Paris, France) as consortium. LAB, the representative of the consortium, is an European Leader in designing and building turnkey Flue Gas Treatment plants.

The project consisted in the replacement of 4 PP/GRP scrubbers of Ø 5000 diameter, 4 GRP ducts  Ø 2400, as well as the supply, prefabrication and installation of PP/GRP and PP piping systems.