Project details

GRE insulated waste water system

CustomerNufarm, Botlek
LocationBotlek Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Project executed on2010
Market segmentWater & Wastewater
Technical specification
MeasurementsDN150 mm
MediumWaste water
MaterialGlassfibre Reinforced Epoxy

Project description

Nufarm, a former Australian company, manufactures protection goods for agricultural plants. Especially, the last 15 years, the company grew out to become one of the market leaders, having a annual turnover of 1 billion euro’s. The company has fourteen production locations, one of these located in Botlek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

During the manufacturing process water is being used and waste water is being released. This waste water is to be processed on site. To ensure durable and trustworthy processes, Nufarm choose Plasticon Composites to be the supplier of dual laminate piping systems. To avoid damage of the area and ground, it was decided to install all piping systems above ground. All waste water is now processed by a 1500 meter long piping system. The outside of the piping systems were covered with a GRE (epoxy) layer on the outside.