Project details

Venturi scrubbers Almalyk project

CustomerOutotec Sweden
Project executed on2012
Market segmentMetals & Mining
Technical specification
Pressure0,1 - +0,2 barg
MeasurementsDN 2100, height 12 meter
MediumFlue gas with Fluor and abrasive contents
Temperature70 Celsius degrees

Project description

For many years the Venturi scrubber was made out of steel with a rubber lining, that’s how the market is familiar with this product. However, experience has shown that certain corrosion failures repetitively occur after certain time in operation. 

To overcome this problem, Outotec has developed in cooperation with Plasticon Composites a Venturi scrubber made out of full GRP. This project started in 2008 and resulted in the production of two Venturi scrubbers for the Almalyk project in Uzbekistan. The general goal of this pilot project by Outotec is to make a definite change from steel-rubber lined to GRP execution. This in order to increase the lifetime of these scrubbers in the production line.

An abrasive layer has been constructed by the engineers of Plasticon Composites by using a PP loose liner at the in- and outlet of the scrubber. This prevents early damage of the chemical resistance layer.