Project details

GRP pressure vessel 50 m3 at a sewage pumping station, RWZI

CustomerRegge & Dinkel Almelo
LocationEnschede, the Netherlands
Project executed on1999
Market segmentWater & Wastewater
Technical specification
Pressure5 barg
MeasurementsDiameter: 3,000 mm Height:6,500 mm
Temperature< 50 °C

Project description

Pressure vessels are mostly used to manage abrupt differences in pressure or absorb all water shocks in the piping systems at a sewage plant in the Netherlands. The pressure vessels are made of GRP material, which is known for its corrosion resistance and its enormous mechanical strength.

Plasticon Composites designed and produced a pressure vessel of 50 m3 with a pressure of 5 barg which is rather uncommon for these kind of sizes. The production process was precisely followed to ensure a safe and stable product. The wall thickness of this pressure vessel run up to 80 mm