Project details

26 meter high Quench for AkzoNobel (NL)

CustomerAkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals
LocationBotlek, Rotterdam, NL
Project executed on2017
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Measurements26 meter high and DN 3 meter
Temperature90 Celsius

Project description

During spring this year, Plasticon the Netherlands has again completed a beautiful project for the chemical processing industry. AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals assigned Plasticon Composites for the supply of a large quench, used for an existing chlorine production plant that supplies to polymer processing sites at the Botlek plant, one of the biggest industrial plants of the Netherlands in Rotterdam. The absorber measures 26 meters height and 3 meter diameter, the giant tower is part of the gas-cooling process by temperatures could run up to 90º Celsius.

For the manufacturing of the quench a combination of PVDF and FRP was selected by chemical process engineers. PVDF is renowned for its excellent performance at high temperatures and chemical resistance and therefore perfectly suitable for process where brines, acids and chlorine gasses occur. Other materials would corrode and underperform under these circumstances, while composite and plastic materials excel and offer a long low-maintenance solution. The team of Plasticon Composites is highly experienced in manufacturing so-called 'Dual Laminate' products (FRP products with thermo- or fluoroplastic lining) for the chemical processing industry, perfect designs and good engineering done by professionals, modern workshops with skilled people offer state-of-the-art products.

In the past, Plasticon Composites already supplied a variety of apparatus, storage tanks and piping systems for different AkzoNobel plants. AkzoNobel is well aware of the competences Plasticon Composites offers as a leading supplier in composite products. The manufacturing of the absorber took place in Hengelo, Overijssel Province. AkzoNobel gave a time-frame indication for the project, as this was part of a large maintenance stop at their plant. Plasticon Composites managed the project well and complied with the set milestones. Cooperation was key to the successful project execution, Thermopol Kunststoftechniek took care of the onsite installation job and steel platforms, supports and internals were installed by Plasticon In the production halls so on site installation time was saved.