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Leigh WwTW

Project executed on2016
Market segmentWater & Wastewater

Project description

Location / Year

Leigh WwTW (Waste water Treatment Works) Odour Control Plant in Leigh, United Kingdom.


Plasticon UK Limited, Hull, United Kingdom Member of Plasticon Composites.


The tank has been manufactured with DERAKANE 411 epoxy vinyl ester resin and acid resistant glass by chop-hoop-winding (combination of computer controlled winding and spraying techniques). The chemical barrier layer is 2.5 mm (100 mils) thick.

Technical Data

Complete turnkey Odour Control Plant including:

  • Biofilters
  • Carbon Absorber
  • OCU Ductwork & Field Ductwork System
  • Pipework Systems

Service Conditions

Design Temperature: +40ºC (+104°F) Gas containing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, dimethyl sulfide, ammonia and volatile organic compounds.

Plant Details

The plant is sized to treat a maximum airflow rate of 7,000 m3/hr (35315 ft³/hr) Average H2S : 50 ppm Peak H2S: 100 ppm Plant Performance: 99% Removal of H2S.