Project details

Leach tanks & Settler tanks for Copper Plant | Metals & Mining | Utah - USA

CustomerCS Mining
LocationUtah, USA
Project executed on2015
Market segmentMetals & Mining
Technical specification
MeasurementsDiameter: 7,450 mm; Height:12,000 mm
MediumAcid Slurry
TemperatureMax. 80°C

Project description

In 2015 CS Mining contracted Plasticon Composites to build three cylindrical large diameter open top FRP leach tanks at their mining site in Milford, UT, USA. The scope of supply includes all labour, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, including internal fixtures and apparatus installation, such as gaskets and fastening sets for manholes, anchoring, agitator support bridges, ladders, platforms and railings. Later the tanks were successfully subjected to hydro-testing. This was the first of its kind open top leach tank project in North America and is a high profile project for Plasticon Composites. The project was completed end 2015.

All tanks were designed for seismic conditions: IBC. Seismic Design Category “D” (IBS 2009). The CBL contained 20% Alumnia to be extra resistant to abrasion. The tanks were designed according to the ASTM-RTP1

A side to this project, Plasticon Composites got the contract for building square settler tanks at the CS Mining plant in Utah.   

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