Project details

Eco Services - FRP Tanks for Sodium Bisulfate 40%

CustomerEco Services Operations Corp.
LocationHouston, TX
Project executed on2016
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure12psig / -1psig
Measurements14’ dia. X 45’
MediumSodium Bisulfate 40%
MaterialFiberglass (FRP)

Project description

In August 2016, Plasticon Canada was awarded a contract to supply multiple fiberglass tanks to Eco Services, the North American Leader in Sulfuric Acid Regeneration. This was part of a major plant expansion project. Fiberglass was selected as the most suitable material for their application.

Plasticon Canada engineered and manufactured the FRP tanks as per Eco’s design requirements. Plasticon China supplied the FRP ladders, platforms and walkways. The FRP tanks were identical, with a capacity of 43630 US gallons, and included insulation and heat tracing.

In January 2017, the final remaining tanks were shipped to Houston, TX. The project was successful. Plasticon was pleased to work with Eco Services.

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Eco Services