Project details

Storage tanks, Statoil Hydro Kollsnes

CustomerStatoil Hydro Kollsnes
Project executed on2011
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure50 - + 100 mbar
MeasurementsSee below.
MediumVarious liquids
MaterialVinyl ester resin
Temperature-20 - +80 °C

Project description

Plasticon Composites designed and supplied 5 tanks for a waste incineration plant of Stat Oil in Norway. These tanks were designed to very high standards especially for the petro checmial industry. The inside and outside of all the tanks have been especially treated with a conductive layer of carbon to prevent the surface against static electricity .

The small diameter tanks were manufactured at Plasticon Poland in Torun, member of Plasticon Composites. The large diameter tanks were manufactures at the harbor in Gednia.

  • 1 sludge thickener DN 2,800 mm,  height  4,210 mm
  • 1 moving bed reactor also insulation  DN 9,500, height 8,700 mm
  • 1 sedimentation tank  (insulated) DN 6,500 mm, height  5,200 mm
  • 1 buffer tank  (insulated)  DN 9,500 mm, height 12,000 mm
  • 1 ammonium hydroxide tank  DN 2,400 mm, height  5,700 mm