Project details

Per acetic acid underground storage tank

CustomerAarhus Vand A/S
LocationAarhus, Denmark
Project executed on2016
Market segmentWater & Wastewater
Technical specification
Measurements25 m3, Diameter 2400 mm, length 5950 mm
MediumPer acetic Acid 14-17%, Hydrogen peroxide 13-15%, Acetic acid 24-29% and water
MaterialDual laminate, E-CTFE liner and GRP
TemperatureAmbient, should be kept under 40 Co

Project description

Plasticon Composites Denmark was responsible for design, engineering and supply of one underground storage tank for the product Degaclean. Degaclean are used to keep bacteria’s away from a local beach in the second large city in Denmark. The product will be dosage directly from the storage tank.

The dual laminate design, E-CTFE liner and GRP, is very resistant towards the product and are the perfect solution in this case.

The end client, Aarhus Vand and the operating manager, Louis Landgren, was very satisfied during the design, engineering and production face. The only comment we received was, “very professional handling from Plasticon´s side”