Project details

Paques B.V. - Multiple FRP Biogas Equipment (2015)

CustomerPaques B.V. & EBI Énergie Inc.
LocationSt-Thomas, QC
Project executed on2015
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressurevarious pressures
Measurementsvarious sizes and dimensions
MediumBiogas, K.O., Corrosive Gases
MaterialFiberglass (FRP)
Temperature-40°C @ 50°C

Project description

On July 2015, Plasticon Canada Inc. was awarded several contracts by Paques B.V. and EBI Énergie Inc. to supply multiple biogas process equipment for EBI’s plant located in St-Thomas, Quebec. This was part of a landfill gas waste-to-energy project.

Plasticon Canada was responsible to design, engineer and manufacture the composite vessels, ductwork and pultruded platforms. These process equipment will be used to treat biogas and other corrosive by-products. We supplied the following fiberglass biogas equipment:

  • 1x FRP K.O. Vessel: 2000mm Ø x 5.8m
  • 1x FRP Scrubber: 3048mm Ø x 24.3m
  • 1x FRP Biological Reactor: 3962mm Ø x 8.8m
  • 1x lot FRP piping (750mm Ø, 500mm Ø, 400mm Ø & 350mm Ø)
  • 1x lot FRP platforms, handrails and ladders

We believe that the 22-Ton FRP Scrubber is the tallest free standing, full vacuum FRP vessel in Quebec, maybe even in Canada. The FRP vessel was so large that special transportation with a steerable back axle was required. Engineering was relatively complex considering the full vacuum design, free standing structure, 100mm insulation and all external components attached without the need of any external supports.

In January 2016, we completed all the deliveries to the jobsite. Plasticon technicians helped install the FRP accessories and components at the jobsite. The project was successful. It was delivered on time and on budget. Plasticon was pleased to work with Paques B.V. and EBI Énergie Inc. 

Watch VideoInstallation 22-Ton FRP Scrubber

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