Project details

Cooling water piping System

CustomerStork Thermeq Hengelo
LocationEssent Power Plant Moerdijk
Project executed on2011
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure2,5 bis 10 barg
MeasurementsDN 25 up to DN 800, Length 3 km
MediumCooling water
TemperatureMax.50 °C

Project description

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the design, engineering, supply, project management and installation of the entire cooling water piping systems at the new build power plant of Essent, located in Maasbracht, the Netherlands. It took Plasticon Composites only 9 months to finalize this 3 million euro project.

The cooling water pipes are used to process all cooling water, which is an essential part of the power generating process.

The main advantage of using GRP material for these pipes are the corrosion and chemical resistance and the endless possibilities of measurements, diameters, bends, curves and shapes, great to be installed in small or complex areas.