Project details

Mississippi Power – Ductwork for WAS Scrubber System (2012)

CustomerMississippi Power Company
LocationPlant Kemper Country IGCC, DeKalb, Mississippi
Project executed on2012
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure+3 psig / -1.5 psig
Measurementsvarying sizes up to 84’’ diameter
MediumSulfuric acid gas
MaterialDual Laminate (ECTFE 902, PPH)

Project description

Plasticon Canada Inc. supplied a large order of custom FRP Dual laminate ductwork and fittings for the Kemper County IGCC Project. The project’s aim was to build a new Power Plant Equipment for Mississippi Power Company’s Mississippi IGCC Lignite Gasification, located in DeKalb, Mississippi. 

Plasticon Canada was selected as the main supplier to provide the lined ECTFE and PP ducting for the project. The company was responsible for the design, engineering and fabrication of these custom components. 

We supplied the following lined ducting equipments:

  • 1 Dual Laminate Scrubber Duct (PP/FRP)
  • 1 Dual Laminate Scrubber Duct – Blower Inlet (PP/FRP)
  • 1 Dual Laminate Stack Duct (ECTFE 902/FRP)
  • 2 Blower Evase for Stack Duct (ECTE 902/FRP, PPC/FRP)
  • 1 Dual Laminate Condenser Duct (ECTFE 902/FRP)

The stacks and ductwork were used to construct a complex WAS Scrubber System for the plant. The ducting consisted of a three-prong system: 1- ECTFE lined Duct from WSA Condenser to the WSA Quench vessel 2- PP lined Duct from WSA ESP to WSA Stack Gas Blower and 3- PP lined Duct from WSA ESP to WSA Stack Gas Blower.

This was the first project of its kind using ECTFE Halar 902 Grade. Plasticon Canada was pleased to work with Mississippi Power Company.     

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