Project details

Ovivo - Ultra High Purity Water System (2014)

CustomerOvivo USA LLC.
LocationGlobal Foundries, Malta, New York
Project executed on2014
Market segmentTechnology & Electronics
Technical specification
PressureATM., 100+ mbar / - 10 mbar
Measurements10 ft. to 13 ft. dia. tanks
MediumNaOH, HCL, OXP, Raw Water, Waste Water, Ultra Pure Water, Permeat Water
MaterialFiberglass (FRP), Dual Laminate (PVDF, ECTFE)
TemperatureAMB. up to 100°C

Project description

Plasticon Canada Inc. was heavily implicated in the Ovivo Water Treatment Project. The project aim was to build an Ultra High Purity Water system for Global Founderies, a global leader in electronic wafer production. Since these tanks are used in the production of electronic wafers, special care are required in order to fabricate ultra smooth internal weld seems and to avoid surface liner contamination.

The design, engineering and production was handled and managed by Plasticon Canada Inc. with some technical support from Plasticon Germany, Plasticon Europe and components from Plasticon China.  We supplied the following process equipment:

  • 9x 10 to 13 ft. dia. FRP tanks
  • 6x 13 ft. dia. PVDF/FRP tanks
  • 2x 13 ft. dia. ECTFE/FRP tanks

In all, Plasticon Canada was responsible to manufacture 17 storage/process tanks for the plant. Some of the products being stored included: raw water, backwash, permeat water, ultra-pure water, and waste water; NaOH, HCL and OXP. All tanks were shipped shrink wrapped by road to jobsite by a specialised wide load transport company. We were pleased to work with Ovivo USA LLC.

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