Project details

Formosa Plastics Corp. - Dual Laminate Manifolds (2014)

CustomerFormosa Plastic Corp., USA
LocationPoint Comfort, TX, USA
Project executed on2014
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Pressure50 psi
Measurements2” to 8” dia.
MediumHydrogen and caustic from membrane cell electrolysis
MaterialDual Laminate (PP, CPVC)

Project description

Plasticon Canada Inc. supplied a crate full of dual laminate manifolds and headers to Formosa Plastics Corporation, USA. These dual laminate manifolds ranged from 2” to 8” in diameter. The reason why dual laminate material was used is due to its proven track record in the membrane cell electrolysis for the production of chlorine.

Engineering and project management was done by Plasticon Canada while fabrication and delivery was done by Plasticon China. Plasticon China offers a full range of high quality dual laminate piping systems and components. 

We supplied the following dual laminate piping equipments:

  • 24x PP/FRP manifolds
  • 350x PP/FRP flanges
  •  24x CPVC/FRP manifolds
  • 350x CPVC/FRP flanges

The project was a simple routine order. It was effectively accomplished within the prescribed time frame.

Formosa Plastics Corp. has been a client for over 15+ years now. It’s always good working with them. 

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