Project details

Greenlane Biogas - Multiple Biogas Projects 2014

CustomerGreenlane Biogas
LocationTerrebonne, Quebec
Project executed on2014
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure50 kpa
Measurementsvarying sizes
MediumBiogas Water
MaterialFiberglass (FRP)
Temperature50°C / -29°C

Project description

Plasticon Canada Inc. was heavily implicated in multiple Greenlane Biogas Projects. These projects were part of a massive technological and facility upgrades for six different manufacturing clients.

Plasticon Canada was originally selected to supply 7 FRP Stripper Vessels for BFI, Greenlane’s client. These strippers used by BFI, in the Lachenaie landfill facility, to upgrade 10,000 scfm (approximately 16,000 Nm3/hr) of landfill gas, which makes it the largest renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Canada.

A few months later, Plasticon Canada received a second order for 3 Strippers to be delivered to EDF’s location. In addition, Plasticon UK also received separate orders from Chesterfield Biogas (CBG) for 5 Stripper Vessels. Plasticon China provided all the FRP accessories and piping equipment for the project. In all, Plasticon was responsible to manufacture 15 Strippers for Greenlane Biogas. It was a great collaborative effort by all parties involved. 

We supplied the following process equipments:

  • 7 FRP Strippers 1.8m diameter x 14m high for BFI – Terrebonne Quebec, Canada
  • 3 FRP Strippers 1.8m diameter x 14m high for EDF – Lasalle, Colorado, USA
  • 1 FRP Stripper 1.5m diameter x 15m high for ReFOOD UK Ltd – Widnes, Merseyside, England
  • 1 FRP Stripper 1.5m diameter x 15m high for FLI Energy – Beccles, Suffolk, England
  • 1 FRP Stripper 1.2m diameter x 15m high for Keithick Farms Ltd – Perthshire, Scotland
  • 2 FRP Strippers 1.8m diameter x 15m high for W. Grant & Son – Girvan, Scotland

These stripper vessels were used in the gas cleaning process. This process will produce renewable natural gas (RNG) from biogas and landfill gas. It’s an important technological breakthrough that is gaining worldwide acceptance and used by various industries.    

These projects were all successfully accomplished in the prescribed time frames. The FRP strippers were delivered to six different facilities located in Canada, US, England and Scotland. Plasticon was pleased to work with Greenlane Biogas.   

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