Project details

Large Diameter Storage Tank

CustomerTaTa Steel, The Netherlands
LocationIJmuiden, the Netherlands
Project executed on2009
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
MeasurementsDiameter: 9,800 mm Height:22,000 mm
MediumChemical fluids
MaterialPVC-EN / GRP

Project description

TaTa Steel IJmuiden, the former Hoogovens, is one of the biggest steel manufacturers plants in Europe. For their production they need a buffer tank for storage of chemical fluids, which is a mixture of Black Coal water, HCL, H2S,NH3, CO.

Because of the big dimensions the tank was build in four parts and transported by ship to the Port of IJmuiden. From there the parts were transported to TaTa Steel site where the four pieces were erected and assembled on site. Plasticon The Netherlands was the Turn Key supplier for the whole project including transport, scaffolding, cranes, steelwork like stairs and platforms and testing.

Also all necessary engineering and drawings and design were made in house.

Total volume of the tank is 1200 m³.