Project details

Odour Treatment Plant - Manchester MSW Plant

CustomerEnpure Limited
LocationManchester, United Kingdom
Project executed on2010
Market segmentWater & Wastewater
Technical specification

Project description

Complete turnkey Odour Control Plant including:

  • Ammonia Chemical Scrubber
  • (Located prior to RTO)
  • Chemical Storage Tanks and Dosing Systems
  • Tank Filler Stations
  • OCU Ductwork and Field Ductwork Systems
  • Secondary and Intermediate Steelwork
  • Control Systems
  • Proprietary Equipment (Fans, Pumps, Valves & Instrumentation)
  • Pipework System
  • Installation
  • Testing and Commissioning

TOTAL CONTRACT VALUE: Circa £1,040,300

  • Airflow: 89,788 Am3/hr
  • Average NH3: 50ppm
  • Peak NH3: 100ppm
  • Performance: 99% Removal of NH3

Enpure – Manchester MSW Plant – ‘ The ammonia scrubber and extract ventilation systems were designed by Plasticon UK in accordance with the project specification performance and extract flow requirements supplied by Enpure Limited, the process crubber was designed by Plasticon UK and all the systems were constructed in accordance with DW154 & BS4994 specification criteria’.