Project details

Boiler Feed Water Tanks - BP

CustomerJacobs Engineering
LocationUnited Kingdom
Project executed on2010
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Measurements4 m DN, 8.25 m high
MediumBoiler feed water

Project description

In 2010, Plasticon manufactured two GRP Boiler Feed Water Tanks for the end customer EDF    Energy. Though, the project was put on a hold by the end user. In June 2011, the project had to be completed in an 8 week window. Because of the high manufacturing loadings, Plasticon set up a temporary site at the North Sea Supply  Base for the final assembly and fitting of the Access Steelwork. Within a week, Plasticon set up a fully working factory environment to service a fabrication team of 8 Employees, which consisted of a cooperation between Plasticon Field Personnel and Poland Operatives. This cooperative team took care of the final assembly within 7 weeks. The purpose of the tanks is to serve in the processing of Demineralised Water within their Steam Supply Facility.