Project details

Ineos - 8.0 m Ø Storage Tank - Liverpool

LocationLiverpool, United Kingdom
Project executed on2011
Market segmentChemical processing
Technical specification
Measurements8 m DN
MediumHcl Acified brine
MaterialDual Laminate
Temperature100 degrees Celsius

Project description

Plasticon received an enquiry from Ineos  for a replacement acid effluent storage tank of 750 m3. The   purpose of the tank is to store the HCl acidified brine at a pH value of 1, which comes from the evaporators after they have been cleaned. The temperature of the brine would be up to 100 ⁰C. Due to on site delivery constrains, the tank was designed to become 8 metres in diameter and 14 metres in straight wall height. Because of the massive size, the decision was made to manufacture the tank at the Plasticon facility in The Netherlands.

After the manufacture, the tank was shipped to Liverpool and transported to the site on a barge. The help of a 500 Tonne mobile crane was required in order to remove the tank from the barge and place it onto the jetty. 200 Tonne and 80 Tonne cranes were needed in order to get the vessel on his final destination to do his work.